Gestalt Therapy is based on an expansive and holistic framework that appreciates the individual in their entirety.

The Gestalt Therapist understands the interconnected nature of the past, present and future and also the physical, emotional and spiritual nature of the client. The aim of Gestalt Therapy is to heighten our awareness and to gain an understanding of our immediate experience from a holistic perspective. This is the place of healing and growth and is a therapeutic space created free from judgment and antidote.


New ways of relating and living are explored in the ‘here and now‘ experience and involves creative experimentation to explore, heighten awareness and try out new ways of authentic being. Gestalt Therapy is essentially experiential, existential and relational rather than a ‘talking about’ therapy.

The therapeutic relationship itself is based on mutual respect and curiosity rather than one of ‘expert cure’. The client is the expert and is encouraged to access their own wisdom. Gestalt has evolved over the past fifty years to become a therapy that is deeply respectful, holistically defined and dynamic in it’s promotion of self-awareness and growth.