starfish“A truly understanding and amazing therapist!! I have been seeing Karen for almost 3 years now and I have learned so much about myself as a person and that its OK to have a few bad days here and there. Helping me to learn to make boundaries not only for myself, but understand that I need to realise and respect other people boundaries. Karen has helped me to also realise some of my own fears, that stemmed from my childhood, that I didn’t even think were part of my problems. And helped me get through some very tough times after experiencing domestic violence.

I am now very strong, and my self esteem is back where it was 20years ago… Karen is the whole reason for that. I am so grateful that I found Karen when I did. I m not so sure where I would be with out her. I know I can call Karen anytime and she will be there for a chat on the phone or get an appointment for me as soon as she can…” – Kerrie

beach-rainbow“I first started working with Karen about a year ago, what Karen has helped me understand the patterns in my life that were not working….the fearful parts of me, that i needed to face and work through, it felt as if Karen sat next to me, as i faced these fears and a sense of her walking beside me. Now, my life has changed, i see the weak links and through Karen’s skilled approach, this has enabled me to strengthen the weak links and understand how they are or have become weak….i walk on my road of life, with more confidence now.. but always know Karen will meet me for a chat at some street corner…That i am truly thankful for….” – Erin

harmony“As an older woman and someone who has had learning experiences and counselling before, I had, nevertheless, ended up in a very dark place; dealing with depression, hurt, grief, anger, feelings of loss and questioning my ability to make wise decisions. Karen provided a safe environment; supportive, skilled and effective guidance. I felt heard without judgment, I felt that I could open up truthfully about those places that I felt shame and guilt with out criticism. I had to move through at my own pace and Karen always supported my timing, my process as she listened , guided me, and offered tools for me to use to make those emotional shifts. It all , eventually, had a positive effect on me. It was an intense period. Karen’s professionalism, skills, understanding and her accessibility on short notice were invaluable to me.” – Marie

bare“I have been working with Karen for a couple of years now. What has been great is that she has helped me foster a sense of resiliency in myself so that I have the inner resources to use throughout my life. When I have deeper issues surfacing I can reconnect with Karen and she is always available to assist me with the latest layers. Sometimes at very short notice. So thanks Karen for being so solidly skilled, I’m glad I found you.” – Kalena

58b3e99a05a96“When I first meet Karen I was a complete mess, depression, anxiety not wanting to be on this earth anymore, I was treating my friends and family badly. I was going into a dark place that I never wanna go again. After meeting Karen, and talking to her about my problems and letting it out instead of holding it in,has changed my life. I found Karen easy to talk to, she understood me, was patience with me,and sometimes when I have trouble explaining how i feel shes always there to help me and give me advice on how to express myself more so i can talk about it. I have learnt more about myself, how strong I am, I have learnt about bounders, and I have learnt how to deal with my thoughts and feelings in different ways than what Ii was. I no longer have a low self esteem, and I’m happy I haven’t been this happy in years, I have also gotten closer to my family and friends.I have my life back and i am moving forward and achieving my goals and doing what I want to do with my life.I have Karen to thanks for that, and I will always be grateful for her help. So thank you Karen for everything.” – Libby

purple-heart-thick“Karen is a great counsellor. Very professional and always willing to work with complex individuals on what it is they need. – Joe Coyte, CEO – The Glen Centre

purple-heart-thick“Karen was wonderful for me. She really helped me to see what my issues are. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Jenn

feng-shui-sunset“My experience with Karen was totally unexpected. Karen’s ability to have me trust a person I’d only just met and “walk” with me to face down past demons, to take away the stranglehold on my life. I can now openly talk about my past situations with no more than a feeling of wondering and contemplation as to what drove that person to act as he did. Karen has insight, compassion and tenderness with good doses of strength, wisdom and love.” –  Maria